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UOW Pulse Ltd | Tuesday 20 December 2016

You’ve probably noticed a bit of change around campus lately – a new IGA supermarket, new or refurbished student spaces, increased medical services with two doctors available five days a week, and new accommodation projects under construction.

In the theme of change, we have a new name! Wollongong UniCentre and the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC) have merged into one entity – UOW Pulse Ltd. The aim of the merger is to provide a unified retail, sport and service delivery organisation that’s committed to your campus experience.

These changes are mostly administrative, with little immediate impact on your day-to-day UOW experience, but they will contribute to better quality campus life services for the university in the future.

The shops, cafés, entertainment, student engagement programs, URAC facilities and programs that you connect with daily and weekly will be operating business as usual. You will find the same dedication to providing you with a quality customer experience.

These are exciting times ahead, as we gear up for a commitment to leading an even better quality campus experience that meet’s the campus’s 21st century needs.

You might see both the former name, UniCentre, and the new name, UOW Pulse, around during the transition period. Your patience is appreciated as we work through these changes.

We thank you for your patience during this transitional period. 


Wollongong Unicentre Ltd &
University Recreation and Aquatic Centre Merging  


Starting 1 January, 2017, Wollongong Unicentre and the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC) will be merging into one entity and new corporate business name UOW Pulse Ltd.


With an integrated mission and focus, this merged entity will be the new service delivery organisation on campus committed to leading an even better quality campus experience into the future.

What’s happening now:

For now, you may start to see our new name, UOW Pulse Ltd, on our social media and direct communications channels. The website has a redirection to uowpulse.com.au and we will continue to work through updating to the new name. These initial changes are mostly administrative and have no impact on the day-to-day campus services. 

URAC name:

URAC will not change its name and will remain the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre merging within the corporate company UOW Pulse Ltd.

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