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Mid Year Sale @ UNISHOP

MID YEAR SALE is on now at unishop.

With prices slashed by up to 70%, score a deal across a range of books, gifts, merchandise, clothing, tech and accessories.*

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Bang For Ya Buck

BFYB 2016 Header Image

You're on campus.  
You're hungry, 
...but you're not sure where to eat on campus because you only have a handful of change?

That's where the Bang For Ya Buck menu comes in!

Bang for Ya Buck brings together the best deals on campus on one menu:  $5 & under, $7 & under, and $10 & under. So no matter how much...or how little you've got to spend, you're going to get the best value for your dollar. 

Check back regularly as new offers will be uploaded throughout the session! 

2017 Bang for your buck deals! 

$5 & Under



Giant Sausage Roll Hot  IGA (B.11)   $2.80 
Fresh Baked Cheese & Bacon Roll   IGA (B.11)  $2.99 
Piece of Fruit + Cool Ridge Water   Fuel (B.11)  $3.00 
250g Fruit Cut Pieces   IGA (B.11)   $3.99 
Famous Chip Roll + Gravy  UniBar (B.12)  $4.20 
Beef Kebab Burger Delish (B.11) $5.00 
Somosa + Bottle of Water   Little Curry House (B.11)  $5.00
2 x $3 Sushi Rolls   Okuma Sushi (B.11)  $5.00
Slice of Pizza + Can of Drink  Luna (B.11)   $5.00 
Avocado & Egg Quinoa Sourdough Sandwich Societea (B.11 Level.1a) $5.00 

$7 & Under 



Fifya Vegan Soups IGA (B.11) $5.99 
Simmer Time Fresh Soups IGA (B.11)  $5.99 
Fresh Fodder Grab’n’Go Meals & Salads  IGA (B.11)  $6.99 
Small Chicken Snack Pack   Delish (B.11) $7.00 
Toastie + Small coffee or Tea Bag Tea  Out For Lunch (B.17)  $7.00 
Small Coffee + Gourmet Muffin Rush / Rush 2 / Rush iC (B.11)  $7.00 
Large Wedges + Sour Cream + Sweet Chilli Sauce  UniBar (B.12)  $7.00 
Egg & Mayo Quinoa Sourdough Toast
+ Iced Simplicitea
Societea (B.11 Level.1a) $7.00 

$10 & under

Indian Curry + Rice  Little Curry House (B.11)   $8.00 
Chicken Schnitzel Combo Meal  UniBar (B.17)  $9.90 
Cheeky Brothers Fresh Pizza  IGA (B.11)  $9.99 
Indian Curry + Rice + Naan Bread Little Curry House (B.11)  $10.00 
Large Beef Snack Pack Delish (B.11)  $10.00 
Vegan Sweet Tofu Rice Noodle Salad
+ Authentic Chai Latte/Hot Tea
Societea (B.11 Level.1a) $10.00