Volunteering is the best way to give back to the community, develop your professional and personal skills and meet new people. We have opportunities on campus and in the community that are flexible and tailored for students to gain essential experience to add to their academic achievements.

Community Volunteering Project

2017 Community Volunteering Project

The Community Volunteering Project aims to provide an opportunity to connect current UOW students to a local organisation working towards a positive cause in the community. It aims to provide a personal and professional development experience, aiding in the development of leadership, employability and teamwork skills. The program will run from July through to sometime in September depending on your individual project.

The project connects current UOW students with one of SIX not-for-profit organisations within the community, and allows the students to engage directly in an existing volunteering program or new project within their chosen organisation.  


UniCrew are the orange shirted heroes that can be seen all over campus helping out at events, organising fun activities every week and supporting gigs at UniBar. UniCrew help to make the student life at UOW vibrant, fun and welcoming. UniCrew also help out at various community events such as Relay For Life, Run Wollongong and other charity/fundraiser events. UniCrew is open to all UOW students from different backgrounds including undergraduates, postgraduates, international and domestic.

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UOW Buddies

The UOW Buddies program connects current UOW students with a group of UOW College students to make them feel welcome and to help them settle into Australian life while developing intercultural communication and leadership skills for volunteers. 

The program involves a weekly commitment over five weeks with different activities such as volley ball, an Aussie Culture Workshop, and Giant Games run by the volunteers every week. Free food from a different cuisine is also provided for lunch each week! 

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Last reviewed: 30 May, 2017

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